Monday, March 1, 2010

Where to begin...

Hi All. Glasnost has been relatively dormant from the limelight this winter. Call it hibernation. But only socially. We've been busy. During these past few months we have taken pause only to fiercely come to conclusions upon who we are. What we are. We have scripted a video we eagerly plan to produce. Regretfully lost the best drummer in the known world only to fate's fortune to find a young-blood with excellent potential. Entered into new writing. Ultimately developed numerous plans for our future in entertaining you.

We are currently, and I mean as I type this right now, finishing up touches to the next few lovely Duhon creations. We are gonna spend the next 3 weeks honing and tightening. Working out the glitch. Getting this Devil of a drummer in just the right spot to make you move.

Catch us at March 15th Boondocks/Houston with the power of French Horn Rebellion and Grrrl Parts DJs as we prepare for Austin and SXSW.

More to come.

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