Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the first official glasnost mixtape: MOBIUS_01

For our last DJ set, we made 25 limited edition CDs of our first mixtape, MOBIUS_01. There are still a few left, so hang out with us at the Mink this Friday, May 8 (we'll be DJing), and we'll see about getting you one. And just in case you can't get your hands on it, you can download it below!

Mobius01Mix by glasnost

We'll be putting out more mixtapes in the future with the "MOBIUS" theme -- the idea is the last song of the mix set brings you back to the first song of the set. Here's a tracklist of MOBIUS_01:

1) the flaming lips - fight test (intro) :: it's the first track on what many consider their magnum opus, "yoshimi battles the pink robots." there's a certain poignancy and beauty to the album that gets me every time i listen to it. though we only used a very short clip here, it's nice to pay homage in some sort of way.

2) ted & francis - erlend (ted & francis remix) :: there's just something about the sound of chords played on a piano, isn't there? this is by far our favorite from their most recent EP -- and even though i can't fully make out the lyrics, there's just enough to make me believe there's something sad, beautiful, and true in those words.

3) kris menace / felix da housecat - artificial :: a spacey arpeggiator mixed with a funky driving bass line? we like this track, and unfortunately there's not much more to say about it!

4) sneaky sound system - 16 (flight facilities remix) :: yet another aussie group (along with ted & francis). i remember first falling in love with connie mitchell's voice -- it was riot in belgium's remix of "i love it" (how's that for a recursive experience!). they've always had this great funky dico-esque vibe to them that makes their songs prime for awesome remixes, like this one here. don't know too much about flight facilities, but if this indicative of what's to come, i suspect we'll all be hearing about them soon.

5) young mc - just bust a move (diplo remix) :: sometimes, all it takes is a little diplo to get the dancefloor really moving. i remember being obsessed with this song when i was a kid -- it was catchy then, and i think it's catchy now, especially with diplo adding his twist to it. well....don't just stand there!

6) bag raiders - nil by mouth (knightlife remix) :: here we go, more aussies...yes, both of them. this is a bit of an older track, but what a perfect combination! we love bag raiders, and we love knightlife. this track is beautifully hypnotic and just makes you want to dance carefree all night with beautiful people.

7) la roux - quicksand (joe and will ask? remix) :: i've somehow managed to pair londoners and aussies together. here it's londoners la roux, who just seemed to blow up overnight -- they're as hot as lead singer eleanor jackson's ginger hair (some of us in the band have a thing for redheads). joe and will ask? are also from london, and as i hear more from them, the more i'm impressed. good stuff.

8) cut copy - so haunted (knightlife reprise/edit) :: again, aussies grouped together. i remember hearing the original song and thinking it was good. then i remember coming across this little gem and thought it was amazing! when we all listened to it together, we just started bobbing our heads and looked at each other with great big smiles. we wanted to make a longer mixtape, but we figured this would make a nice happy ending and just stopped right here....sort of.

9) flaming lips - fight test (outro) :: and so we end where we began. the test is over, and we hope you've enjoyed it!

Come out and join us at the Mink this Friday where we'll be DJing alongside some of Houston's finest bands, artists, and DJs....see you there!

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