Monday, April 27, 2009

it's been too long, friends...

Looks like we have quite a bit of catching up to do here! Where do we start...the EP release? South by Southwest? Life in the studio? Our first official mixtape? The new addition to the band?

Let's start with the EP release: So we got our debut EP "Great Divide" mixed, mastered, and assembled just in time for South by Southwest! Our favorite remixes from Trash Yourself, Culture Prophet, and Kids at the Bar are also on the EP to ensure maximum head-bobbing danceability! We'd like to give big thanks to all of those who made submissions to the remix contest -- it was great to hear so many styles and interpretations of our songs, and it was very difficult to narrow down our favorites. So for those who participated, we strongly encourage you to throw your remixes out there to the world and share your talent! The new EP can currently be purchased from CDBaby, but will very soon be available on iTunes, Amazon, and keep checking and stay tuned.

As for South by Southwest, it was simply amazing! We played a couple of shows out that were great fun, partied down with Culture Prophet, Nomathmatics, Kap10Kurt, French Horn Rebellion, and so many others...we're already excited about next year!

Seems we have quite a bit to share, so we'll have to continue on in our next post....until then.....

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